Brief Encounters®


Brief Encounters® is a training course for anyone who is ever called upon for help with relationship problems. OnePlusOne has so far trained over 5,000 health care practitioners with great success.

Often, when people reach out to you about relationship problems, you have a small but distinct window of opportunity to support and guide them. Brief Encounters® is designed to give you the practical tools, skills, and information to be truly effective during this window.

After training in this easy-to-use, evidence-based model, you will be able to have effective conversations that positively influence couples to work through problems before they escalate. You will be in a stronger position to support child outcomes by enabling parents to help themselves without dependency on professional care.

The simple Brief Encounters® model will enable you to:

  1. recognise the signs of personal life and relationship distress at an early stage 
  2. respond effectively to offer support
  3. review and refer to more specialist services

Brief Encounters® helps practitioners prioritise outcomes for children by supporting the parental relationship and minimising conflict and separation, both of which play a large part in a child’s social and emotional well-being. After training, practitioners are able to avoid situations where they are expected to ‘fix’ problems, instead enabling people to help themselves without dependency on professional care.

As many as 97% of practitioners felt more confident after receiving the training and 91% felt a greater degree of control over their involvement in clients’ issues. After training, practitioners were:

more likely to talk to parents about relationship issues
more than twice as likely to feel confident referring clients to external services four times more likely to use strength-based techniques [1].

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to discuss your requirements and objectives with us, please get in touch with Kate Nicolle, our Learning and Development Training Manager, on 020 3309 7871 or email

[1]  Coleman, L., Houlston, C., Casey, P, Purdon, S. and Bryson, C. (2014). A Randomised Control Trial of a Relationship Support Training Programme for Frontline Practitioners Working with Families. Families, Relationships and Societies, 4 (1), 35-52.