Finding Fault


Finding Fault is a new research project exploring the current fault-based divorce law in England and Wales.

A majority of divorce petitions in England and Wales still rely on allegations of fault, whether behaviour or adultery. There are longstanding concerns that a fault-based divorce law can cause or exacerbate hostility and bitterness, while not saving marriages.  This new project aims to explore how the current law operates in practice and to inform debate about whether and how the law might be reformed.

The project is led by Prof Liz Trinder (Exeter University) in partnership with OnePlusOne, Bryson Purdon Social Research, Resolution, and Wikivorce. The research is funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

The project will include a national survey of public attitudes to the current law, tracking of 75 cases over the course of one year and court file analysis of completed and contested divorce petitions.

The project runs for two years from October 2015.

You can view further details and contact Prof Trinder through the website at