Me, You & Baby Too


The birth of a child can be one of the most wonderful, yet stressful events anyone can experience. Parents don’t always have the knowledge, skills, or tools to create the safe, stimulating, loving family environment that is so vital in a child’s development.

Me, You and Baby Too is an evidence-based relationship course designed to help new parents understand the changes they may experience, and teach them how to adapt as their relationship undergoes this major shift. 

It enables practitioners to work directly with couples to help prepare them for early challenges and explore important topics like intimacy during pregnancy, communication, managing conflict, and compromise. Research shows us that resolving or preventing conflict can positively impact child outcomes, from educational achievements to physical health [1].

Me, You and Baby Too supports parents

  • Helps parents understand the impact a baby can have on their relationship and how their relationship affects the baby
  • Prepares parents for challenges to their relationship in the perinatal period: physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and practical
  • Develops communication and conflict management skills [2]

Me, You and Baby Too successfully equips your practitioners

  • 100% of practitioners understood how to help couples prepare for changes in their relationship after having a baby
  • 100% of practitioners understood the common causes of arguments in a relationship
  • 99% of practitioners understood how having a baby may affect the couple relationship, and vice versa

Me, You and Baby Too improves inter-parental relationships

  • 95% of parents said they understood how the relationship with their partner may affect their baby
  • 95% of parents agreed that they understood the common causes of arguments in a relationship
  • 80% of parents felt better prepared for the relationship changes that may occur after having a baby
“Inter-parental conflict can adversely affect both the mother-child and father-child relationship, with evidence suggesting that the association between inter-parental conflict and negative parenting practices may be stronger for the father-child relationship” [3]

If you’d like to learn more about Me, You and Baby Too, please get in touch with Kate, our Learning and Development Training Manager, on 020 3096 7602 or drop her a line at



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