Splitting Up? Put Kids First


Splitting Up? Put Kids First is an innovative online service to help separating couples continue to parent in the best way possible, despite their break-up.

This innovative service is designed to help parents reduce the need to go court by working out their own arrangements for the children, as early into a break-up as possible.

Government figures show that more than half (52%) of parents find it hard to access the support they need when they separate [1]. There are a quarter of a million separated parents in Britain [2] and the number of single parents with dependent children in 2014 was recorded as two million [3].

Splitting Up? Put Kids First is available for free, anytime, anywhere, and is designed to give mothers and fathers the knowledge and skills they need to put together a workable plan for their children without the need to go to court

These parenting plans can are fully editable, so parents can revise them as circumstances change, maintaining an ongoing communication channel to meet the needs of their children as they grow.

Splitting Up? Put Kids First has been created to Double-A accessibility standards so people with visual impairment can use it.

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